Bulletins notify state-chartered credit unions of current developments in state and federal regulations as well as current business practices.

Bulletin File Date Subject
B-24-04 06/05/2024 Solar Consumer Protection
B-24-03 05/16/2024 Updated Guidance on Cyber Incidents and Data Security Breach Notification
B-24-02 04/04/2024 Succession Planning
B-24-01 01/11/2024 Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2024
B-23-03 04/20/2023 Wire Fraud Alert and Recommendations
B-23-02 01/19/2023 Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2023
B-23-01 01/03/2023 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act - What Credit Unions Need to Know
B-22-03 06/07/2022 Updates to Washington Credit Union Act
B-22-02 01/07/2022 Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2022
B-22-01 01/04/2022 Guidance on NCUA's Final Subordinated Debt Rule
B-21-01 02/11/2021 Strategic Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2021
B-20-04 11/02/2020 Free Cybersecurity Hygiene Services & Resources Available
B-20-03 10/12/2020 Guidance on Additional Investment Authorities
B-20-02 06/04/2020 Examination Focus Update - COVID-19
B-20-01 01/07/2020 Strategic Initiatives and Exam Focus for 2020
B-19-05 09/25/2019 Free Cybersecurity Resources
B-19-04 06/17/2019 Notification of Proposed Rulemaking
B-19-03 06/06/2019 NASCUS Credit Union Executive Forum
B-19-02 03/22/2019 2019 NASCUS Credit Union Executive Forum
B-19-01 01/04/2019 Examination Focus for 2019
B-18-16 12/21/2018 Payment Process for Asset Assessment Fees
B-18-15 10/25/2018 Guidance on 1- to 4-Family Dwelling Loans After the Enactment of S. 2155
B-18-14 10/23/2018 Meet the new Director of Credit Unions
B-18-13 09/05/2018 Focus on Liquidity
B-18-10 05/21/2018 Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) Program
B-18-09 05/15/2018 Examiner Guidance for Institutions Affected by a Major Disaster
B-18-08 05/14/2018 Outsourcing the Internal Audit Function
B-18-01 01/08/2018 Examination Focus For 2018
B-17-17 01/04/2018 Revised Guidance: Hybrid Membership Meetings
B-17-14 07/25/2017 Website Accessibility and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
B-17-07 03/15/2017 Assets in the Process of Liquidation
B-17-06 03/13/2017 Obtaining Audit Reports1 from Third-Party Providers
B-17-04 02/23/2017 Exam Focus for Consumer Protection Compliance During 2017 through 2020
B-17-03 02/22/2017 BSA/AML Self-Assessment Tool
B-16-21 11/30/2016 Website Compliance Exams
B-16-20 11/07/2016 The Division of Credit Unions' Guide to Director Responsibilities
B-16-18 10/12/2016 Indirect Lending and Credit Tier Exceptions
B-16-17 09/30/2016 Guidance on Money Service Businesses
B-16-16 09/29/2016 Practice of Using Power of Attorney for Vehicle Loans
B-16-14 09/21/2016 Electronic Payment Systems Exams
B-16-09 07/07/2016 Online Payment Process for DCU Semi-Annual Asset Assessment Fees
B-16-05 04/08/2016 Emergency Communication System Invitation
B-16-04 04/06/2016 Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosures and Indirect Automobile Lending
B-15-13 10/23/2015 Changes to Information Technology Exams in Washington State
B-15-06 03/25/2015 Implementing the CAMEL Component “S” Rating in Washington State
B-15-02 01/20/2015 Changes to the CAMEL Rating in Washington State
B-14-01 01/02/2014 Bank Secrecy Act Guidance and Exam Procedures
B-13-22 12/30/2013 Impermissible Advertising for Membership
B-13-18 11/12/2013 Strategic Planning and Budgeting Guidance
B-13-15 09/11/2013 Consumer Compliance Examinations
B-13-14 08/23/2013 Safe and Sound Implementation of the Low-Income Designation
B-13-11 07/16/2013 Indirect Manufactured Home Lending
B-13-03 05/01/2013 WA State Credit Unions as Qualified Public Depositaries
B-12-04 12/07/2012 Voting Process to Ensure Member Confidentiality
B-11-03 05/17/2011 Safe and Sound Student Loan Programs
B-11-01 02/04/2011 Registration of Mortgage Loan Originators (MLO) Who Work for Credit Unions
B-10-06 09/09/2010 OREO Guidance and Best Practices
B-10-04 08/09/2010 Environmental Risk on OREO Property
B-09-09 10/16/2009 Reliance on Electronic Images of Loan Documents
B-09-06 08/11/2009 Linking the Testing of Key Information Security Controls to the Risk Assessment
B-09-02 04/21/2009 Red Flags Rule Compliance
B-09-01 01/16/2009 Federal Licensing Requirement for Loan Originators in Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs)
B-08-11 09/11/2008 Guidance on Home Equity Lines of Credit
B-08-06 06/12/2008 Background Checks and Training for Credit Union Mortgage Employees
B-08-03 03/25/2008 Management of Third Party IT Service Providers
B-07-13 12/19/2007 Structuring a Member Business Lending Program
B-07-06 05/01/2007 Implementing a Commercial Loan Risk Rating System
B-06-07 11/29/2006 Internal Audit Is Critical
B-06-06 11/06/2006 Examiners to focus on preparedness
B-06-04 07/24/2006 Division begins examinations of credit union websites
B-06-03 07/21/2006 Corporate governance task force summary
B-06-01 01/11/2006 Safe & Sound Expansion of MBL Portfolios
B-05-06 09/22/2005 Guidance When Data Security Systems are Breached
B-05-05 09/12/2005 Corporate Governance Models
B-05-03 04/01/2005 Bank Secrecy Compliance
B-04-11 11/03/2004 Loan Participations
B-04-07 07/09/2004 Member Business Loans (MBL)
B-04-06 06/23/2004 Focus on Interest Rate Risk (IRR) Management
B-04-05 05/17/2004 Board of Directors Examination Questionnaire
B-04-02 01/09/2004 IS & T Best Practices
B-03-07 06/23/2003 California Disclosure Law’s Effect on Washington Credit Unions Computer Identity Theft Notice
B-03-04 04/02/2003 Deposit Brokers and Finders
B-02-06 04/17/2002 New direct/targeted marketing restriction applies to all state credit unions
B-02-05 04/09/2002 Taking real estate security on personal property loans triggers consumer compliance requirements for real estate loans
B-01-19 11/02/2001 Division issues opinion regarding credit unions and incidental powers
B-01-16 10/03/2001 Division addresses earnings weakness
B-01-11 05/30/2001 Information systems technology (IS&T) exams beginning July 2, 2001
B-00-18 10/31/2000 Division increases maximum size of SOG groups to 500 persons
B-98-5 03/09/1998 Follow-up on IRS Form 990
B-98-2 01/23/1998 Distribution of Copies of IRS Form 990-Filed by the Division in ‘95-‘96-’97 (Sent to state-chartered credit unions only)
B-97-8 08/11/1997 Division Will No Longer Prepare IRS Form 990s