Links and information for DFI staff.

Emergencies and Inclement Weather

Please note: Tardiness due to inclement weather is allowed up to one hour at the beginning of the work day with no leave required.

How to check whether or not DFI is open

The Director (or designee in Director’s absence) makes the decision on whether the office will be open or closed during an emergency event. When notified by the Director, the Confidential Secretary will send a broadcast message to all staff via the emergency notification system. Employees should check their e-mail and phones for incoming messages. DFI will strive to send the message to all staff by approximately 7:00 a.m. Staff that are assigned to start work before 8:00 a.m. should wait for the emergency notification on whether the office is open or closed.

The Safety Officer, the Administration Division Director or an IS person will also place a message on DFI’s main number 360-902-8700 to alert the public if the office is closed (also another way for staff to check). Division management is responsible for providing more specific instructions pertaining to their division. Specific decisions regarding working from home or taking leave will be made by division management based on individual and agency needs.

If the office is closed and staff want to place a message on their individual voice mails, they may access their voice mail when not in the office by dialing 360-407-1111, listening to the prompts, and entering their 10 digit voice mailbox number and password.

In the event of a total communications blackout, employees are instructed to listen for the Governor’s address on NPR or other stations.

Weather and Traffic