Interpretive letters, formerly known as opinions, clarifying RCWs and WACs related to state-chartered Credit Unions.

DFI Director's Interpretive Statements

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Number Date Subject
I-18-04 11/13/2018

Loans secured by a 1- to 4-family dwelling and member business lending

I-18-03 09/05/2018

Public Depository Eligible Investment-Collateral Applications

I-18-02 09/05/2018

Verification of Members' Accounts

I-18-01 04/26/2018

Agreements to Transfer Deposits from One Credit Union to Another

I-17-03 10/30/2017

SBA Advance Loan Commitment

I-17-02 06/16/2017

Interest on Real Estate Trust Accounts

I-17-01 01/03/2017

Use of Trade Name (d/b/a) in Lieu of Official Charter Name

I-15-04 12/29/2015

Complying with GAAP in Relation to MBLs and Reserving for ALLL

I-15-03 06/12/2015

Director Emeritus Compensation

I-15-02 06/12/2015

Associate Board Members

I-15-01 05/08/2015

Replaced by I-17-01

I-14-05 12/29/2014

Discontinuing Use of State-Mandated “Disclosure Summary”

I-14-04 07/15/2014

Charitable Donation Accounts

DFI-DIS-2014-01 06/18/2014

Use of the Terms "Banking," "Bank," and "Banker" by State-Chartered Credit Unions Authorized to Do Business in Washington State

I-14-03 05/20/2014

Referring to a Board of Directors as a “Board of Trustees”

I-14-02 05/14/2014

When is a Board Member Disqualified Due to Unexcused Absences

I-14-01 02/11/2014

SBA Loans - Replaced by I-17-03

I-13-04 07/15/2013

Credit Union Owned Life Insurance

I-13-01 03/07/2013

Use of the Term "Audit Committee" in Credit Union Bylaws

I-13-02 02/28/2013

State Credit Union Investments in Employee Benefit Trusts

I-11-04 10/28/2011

Board Member Life Insurance

I-11-03 06/10/2011

Definition of Vice President

I-11-02 04/13/2011

May an individual be re-instated as a member under the “once a member, always a member” principle

I-11-01 01/24/2011

Whether a director emeritus is eligible for expense reimbursement for travel or training expenses, or qualifies for insurance benefits

I-10-05 12/07/2010

NCUA Regulation Flex in 12 C.F.R. 742.4 and personal guarantees for MBLs

I-10-04 08/09/2010

Use of a CUSO to Take Assignment of a Delinquent Mortgage Loan and Foreclose, Hold and Dispose of Collateral with Environmental Risks

I-10-03 05/14/2010

Investment in Real Estate

I-10-02 04/12/2010

Summary of 2010 Bill (EHB 2830)

I-10-01 02/24/2010

Contemporaneous use of official credit union name and assumed trade name

I-09-04 12/23/2009

The Extent to Which Credit Unions Can Accept Government Sub-grant Funds