Interpretive letters, formerly known as opinions, clarifying RCWs and WACs related to state-chartered Credit Unions.

DFI Director's Interpretive Statements

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Number Date Subject
O-98-4 01/01/1998

Summary of new 1997 Washington State Credit Union Act, Chapter 31.12 RCW, effective January 1, 1998

O-97-16 09/05/1997

Transfer of WCUSGA contingency reserve as of December 31, 1998

O-97-15 08/12/1997

Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) investment-Changes in ownership and purpose

O-97-14 08/11/1997

Board charge-off of losses

O-97-13 07/23/1997

Voting rights of Board Chair

O-97-10 06/17/1997

Maintenance of WCUSGA reserves after conversion to NCUSIF

O-97-12 06/04/1997

Disqualification of director for absence

O-97-9 05/27/1997

Maintenance of WCUSGA reserves after a merger into a NCUSIF insured credit union

O-97-7 04/14/1997

Political contributions

O-97-6 04/11/1997

Gifts for retiring directors and supervisory committee members

O-97-4 03/24/1997

Authority of state chartered credit union to conduct business on overseas military installations

0-97-3 03/11/1997

Federal parity for state credit unions; NCUA Part 741; supervisory committees and member business loans

0-97-2 02/21/1997

Incidental powers of credit unions with regard to charitable or community contributions

0-97-5 01/30/1997

Investment in Federal Home Loan Bank bonds

O-96-20 12/31/1996

Counting mail ballots to reach quorum at membership meeting

O-96-21 12/17/1996

Payment of membership fee or purchase of shares to join a credit union

O-96-19 12/10/1996

Telephone conferencing for board meetings

O-96-17 12/03/1996

Continued validity of Chapter 208-440 WAC (participation in commercial business activities)

O-96-16 11/25/1996

Response to objections to community FOM application

O-96-15 10/29/1996

Sublease of space to travel agent under Chapter 208-440 WAC

O-96-14 10/08/1996

Loans to credit union employees and officials (Updated-See I-05-02)

O-96-13 09/23/1996

Removal of streamlined senior groups from FOM

O-96-12 09/20/1996

Using SOG procedure to add small occupational groups within 25 mile radius across state lines

O-96-11 09/06/1996

Authority to serve as tax and loan depository for U.S. Treasury

O-96-10 08/26/1996

Application of Chapter 208-440 WAC to credit union programs

O-96-9 08/22/1996

Imaging of documents

O-96-8 06/19/1996

Incentive pay for share and deposit accounts

O-96-7 06/06/1996

Reimbursement for director’s expense for substitute teacher

O-96-6 05/13/1996

Division does not protect servicemarks

O-96-5 05/09/1996

FOM issues: family members and SOGs