Securities Statutes and Rules


RCW 19.100 Franchise Investment Protection Act
RCW 19.110 Business Opportunity Fraud Act
RCW 21.20 Securities Act of Washington
RCW 21.30 Commodity Transactions Act


WAC 460-10A Definitions
WAC 460-11A Multijurisdictional disclosure system
WAC 460-12A Fraudulent and other prohibited practices
WAC 460-16A General rules
WAC 460-17A Small company offering registration
WAC 460-18A Notice filings for federal covered securities
WAC 460-23B Salespersons for issuers
WAC 460-25A Use of senior designations
WAC 460-28A Advertisements
WAC 460-32A Real estate related securities programs
WAC 460-33A Regulations concerning securities involving mortgages, trust deeds or property sales contracts
WAC 460-42A Exempt securities
WAC 460-44A Exempt transactions
WAC 460-52A Nonprofit organizations
WAC 460-60A Financial statements and reports -- Contents and filing requirements
WAC 460-64A Capital requirements -- Definitions
WAC 460-20B Broker dealer registration
WAC 460-21B Broker dealer practices
WAC 460-21C Broker dealer services at financial institutions
WAC 460-22B Salespersons of broker-dealers
Investment Advisers
WAC 460-24A Investment advisers
WAC 460-80 Franchise registration
WAC 460-82 Franchise broker
WAC 460-99C Crowdfunding

Agency Rules

WAC 208-04 General Provisions
WAC 208-08 Adjudicative Procedures
WAC 208-12 Public Records

Interpretive and Policy Statements

Interpretive and policy statements from the Division of Securities.