All Mortgage Broker licensees are required to have an Electronic Surety Bond (ESB) on file. The amount of the ESB is determined annually by loan origination volume in Washington. See the tables below for the bonding amounts under the Mortgage Broker Practices Act.

How to Determine Bond Amount

For Mortgage Broker License Applicants


* Applicants who held a Washington license in the previous calendar year must use loan volume from that year to determine bond amount

For Current Mortgage Broker Licensees

Determine if bond must be adjusted when filing the Q4 Mortgage Call Report (due February 14). File rider to adjust bond amount by March 31.

Loan Volume in Millions Bond Amount
$0-$20 $20,000
$20-$40 $40,000
$40+ $60,000

Surety Bond Forms

Effective September 2016, the Department uses the Electronic Surety Bond (ESB) functionality in NMLS for surety bonds. The process involves the surety provider having a surety account on NMLS, the applicant/licensee granting access to the surety provider and the surety provider issuing the bond electronically through NMLS. A paper bond form is no longer accepted. See Electronic Surety Bond Information

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I adjust my bond amount?

Mortgage Broker licensees may adjust their bond amount annually. Determine loan volume after filing the Q4 Mortgage Call Report and then deliver the rider adjusting the bond amount to the Department in NMLS by March 31.

How do I increase or decrease my bond amount?

Contact the insurance company which issued your bond. In most cases, they will issue a bond rider which either increases or decreases the amount of your bond. The rider will be issued electronically through NMLS but still requires you to submit the rider to the regulator through NMLS.