Update: February 6, 2024
The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions has issued Interim Guidance granting licensees a 60-day grace period to file the Mortgage Call Report for the first quarter of 2024.

The new deadline to file the Q1 2024 MCR for Washington State is July 15, 2024.

Licensed mortgage broker companies must file Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) through the NMLS.

The MCR contains two components:

  • Residential Mortgage Loan Activity (RMLA) – This component collects application, closed loan, individual mortgage loan originator (MLO), Line of Credit, servicing, and repurchase information by state
  • Financial Condition (FC) – This component collects financial information at the company level; it does not have to be completed for each state

Deadlines for Submitting the Mortgage Call Report

Residential Mortgage Loan Activity - due quarterly, within 45 days after every calendar quarter:

  • Quarter 1 data (January 1-March 31) is due May 15
  • Quarter 2 data (April 1- June 30) is due August 14
  • Quarter 3 data (July 1-September 30) is due November 14
  • Quarter 4 data (October 1-December 31) is due February 14 

Financial Condition - due annually, within 90 days of company’s Fiscal Year End

For additional information and instructions on how to file, refer to the NMLS Resource Center.