Licensed mortgage broker companies must file Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) through the NMLS.

The MCR contains two components:

  • Residential Mortgage Loan Activity (RMLA) – This component collects application, closed loan, individual mortgage loan originator (MLO), Line of Credit, servicing, and repurchase information by state
  • Financial Condition (FC) – This component collects financial information at the company level; it does not have to be completed for each state

Deadlines for Submitting the Mortgage Call Report

Residential Mortgage Loan Activity - due quarterly, within 45 days after every calendar quarter:

  • Quarter 1 data (January 1-March 31) is due May 15
  • Quarter 2 data (April 1- June 30) is due August 14
  • Quarter 3 data (July 1-September 30) is due November 14
  • Quarter 4 data (October 1-December 31) is due February 14 

Financial Condition - due annually, within 90 days of company’s Fiscal Year End

For additional information and instructions on how to file, refer to the NMLS Resource Center.