While the Money Transmitter license is perpetual, licensees must complete an Annual Attestation in the NMLS each calendar year. An Annual Attestation consists of:

  1. Verifying your company’s NMLS record is accurate and
  2. Paying NMLS system fees

To complete an Annual Attestation, follow the “Annual Renewal” steps in the NMLS. This must be done between November 1 and December 31.

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Before You Attest

Complete the steps below immediately to ensure renewal compliance.

  1. Verify you know your User Name and Password by logging into NMLS.
  2. Resolve any outstanding license items. Any unresolved license items will delay and may prevent your renewal.
  3. Review and update your NMLS record to ensure it is accurate. Make any necessary changes by creating and submitting new filing in NMLS. DFI takes this attestation seriously. Submitting incorrect information or omitting information may be grounds for enforcement action.

Fees for Annual Attestation

Below is a list of the fees to complete an Annual Attestation for a Money Transmitter company. Payments by credit card are subject to an additional processing fee. ACH payments trigger an automatic system set license item that automatically clears on the sixth business day, unless there is an issue with the payment.

Main Office Annual Attestation “renewal” $100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Washington’s deadline to submit a Money Transmitter License Annual Attestation?
Money Transmitter Licensees must submit an Annual Attestation, including payment of NMLS system fees by December 31.

What does it cost to complete an Annual Attestation for a Washington Money Transmitter License?
The cost to complete an Annual Attestation for a Money Transmitter Main Office License is $100. These fees are NMLS system fees. Credit card payments are subject to an additional processing fee.

How will I know that my Annual Attestation has been reviewed and accepted?
Log into your NMLS account and under the View License/Registration List in Composite View, you can see the “Current Renewal Status” towards the right side of the line listing your Washington Money Transmitter License. If this reads “Renewal Approved,” your attestation has been accepted by DFI.

Will I get a new license after my Annual Attestation is accepted?
No. You only get a new Money Transmitter License when you change the information contained on the license. This would be for Corporate Name, Trade Name or address changes.

I am no longer in business. If I do not complete my Annual Attestation will my license terminate?
No. Since the Money Transmitter License is perpetual, it is in effect until it is either proactively surrendered or is revoked by DFI. You must log into the NMLS and request surrender, filing the required paperwork directly with DFI.

Who can help if I forgot my password to the NMLS?
You can try the "Forgot Password" option on the NMLS login screen. Otherwise, contact the NMLS Call Center at 855-NMLS-123.

Annual Attestation Resources

The following is a list of resources available to help Money Transmitter Company Licensees complete their Annual Attestation.