The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) values diversity and inclusion among our staff in carrying out our mission. Diversity and inclusion is demonstrated by acceptance, respect, integrity, compassion, altruism, and accountability in all endeavors. Inclusion creates an environment where the inherent worth and dignity and ways of living are recognized by all people. All DFI staff have a responsibility to model, promote, and advocate for a strong and visible culture of diversity and inclusion by creating a welcoming and respectful environment where every person is valued and honored.

DFI’s Working Environment

DFI actively seeks to hire and retain top talent from all walks of life, without discrimination or biases. We are proud of how diverse we are and strive for our staff to be an accurate representation of the world around us. We are consistently working to improve representation through our recruiting efforts and are always striving to make DFI a more diverse workforce.

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Diversity Advisory Team (DAT)

The Diversity Advisory Team (DAT) serves as the agency’s advisory team to develop and support inclusion strategies across DFI. The group promotes a culture of inclusiveness and sense of community among all employees in support of DFI’s foundational values of diversity, fairness and respect for individuals and institutions, and employees as our most important resource. Here at DFI, we value diversity in all forms and believe that diversity and inclusion contribute to the successful accomplishment of our mission. 

Goals for the DAT include raising awareness and increasing communication within the agency to embrace an inclusive culture, addressing diversity issues that may affect DFI’s workforce, and contributing to the development of recruitment, retention, and development strategies that support Governor’s Executive Orders 12-02, 13-01, and 13-02.

The advisory team was formed in July 2017 and members participate in rotating terms of one to two years. The team consists of staff from each of DFI’s five divisions. Along with their regular work duties, DFI staff actively participate in employee business resource groups that bring together groups of allies who have a common interest or characteristic. These groups include, but are not limited to, veterans, LGBTQ, disability inclusion, and many more.

Minority, Small, Veteran and Women’s Business Enterprise (M/S/V/WBE)

DFI is committed to increasing M/S/V/WBE participation in their contracting and procurement activities. If you are a business owner and would like to receive certification, please visit the appropriate link for more information:

Veterans in State Government

In May 2013, Governor Inslee signed Executive Order 13-01 on employment opportunities for transitioning service members within Washington State. DFI employees participate in the Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) which was formed in 2012 as a resource for making state government an employer of choice for veterans by recommending and developing strategies with the state employee’s veteran community. Along with VERG, employees participate in the NW Edge Program which assists in training, coaching, and mentoring veterans entering the civilian workforce.

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