The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions' Division of Banks regulates trust companies in Washington state. Here you'll find information about applications, forms, laws and rules, and more.

If you are a veteran applicant or spouse of a veteran, please contact us for information on expedited processing.

Applications and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to frequently asked questions about banks and bank/trust company regulation in Washington state.

Opinions and Rulemaking

  • Opinions and Interpretive Letters
    Opinions from the Division of Banks clarifying laws and rules applicable to Washington banks, business development corporations, and trust companies.
  • Rulemaking
    Current rulemaking activity being conducted by the Division of Banks.

Laws and Regulation

  • RCW 11
    Probate and Trust Law
  • RCW 30B
    Washington Trust Institutions Act
  • WAC 208-528
    New State Banks and Trust Companies - Application and Investigation
  • WAC 208-536
    Administration of Trust Companies -- Investments, Etc
  • WAC 208-544
    Schedule of Costs of Examinations

Trust Companies We Regulate

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