Before investing, make sure to verify the license of the individual selling the investment and make sure the investment itself is registered to be sold in Washington.

DFI Online Licensee Database

Certain investment offerings and financial services professionals and/or businesses are required by state law to be registered or licensed with DFI for consumer protection. This database will allow you to determine if a business or individual is or has been licensed to do business in that industry.

Contacting the Division of Securities

Do you have questions about the company or person(s) you're considering investing with?

Contact the Securities Division at 1-877-RING DFI (746-4334) to see if securities offered or sold by a company are registered or appropriately filed with the Division.

Corporations Lookup

To see if a company is registered, use the Secretary of State's Corporations Lookup feature.

To check for information on a business, request a Company Report from the Better Business Bureau.

FINRA Broker Check

To find information about your stockbroker, broker-dealer, or securities salesperson, visit the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) website.

SEC - Investment Adviser Search

To find information about your investment adviser firm, search the IAPD/CRD public disclosure database.