From the: Winter/Spring 2023 Consumer Services Newsletter

License Types As of March 2023 As of February 2022
Money Transmitter- Main 266 249
Money Transmitter-Authorized Delegates 9,720 9,548
Currency Exchanger- Main 4 6
Currency Exchanger-Authorized Delegates 5 5

MSB Call Report Form Version Update

The Money Services Business (MSB) Call Report will be upgraded to Form Version 2 on April 1. The new form version is effective starting with the Q1 2023 MSB Call Report filing.

The changes will affect the Financial Conditions (FC), Permissible Investment (PI), and virtual currency sections of both the State Transition (ST) and Company-Wide Transaction (TA) of the MSB Call Report.

For more information on changes to the MSB Call Report, see the MSB Summary of Enhancements document on the NMLS Resource Center.

Reminder –Authorized Delegate Reporting

Don’t forget! Any authorized delegate change must be reported within 30 days of the change. All reporting is done through NMLS.

Authorized Agent Quick Guide