Follow these steps to obtain a Washington MLO License

Complete the following items before you apply for a license

  • Set up an account with NMLS
    All applications for a MLO license must be made through this computer system. Be sure to list your full first, middle and last name as it appears on a passport or social security card. Create An Account Quick Guide
  • Pre-Licensing Education
    Complete 22 hours of Pre-Licensing Education (PE), including 4 hours in Washington Law. See: Education Information.
  • Testing
    Meet one of the following three conditions:

    1. Pass both the National Test and Washington State Test*
    2. Pass both the National Test* and the Stand-alone Uniform State Test
    3. Pass the National Test with UST

After education and testing completion is posted in NMLS, apply for the

  • MLO Application
    The application fee is $155 including the $30 NMLS System Fee. Application Quick Guide
  • Criminal Background Check
    All new applications require fingerprinting through NMLS. Fingerprint Information.
  • Credit Report
    All new applications require a credit report through NMLS. Credit Report Information.
  • Grant Access to Application
    If you want an active MLO license, you must grant your employer access so they can submit a sponsorship request. Granting Access Quick Guide. You can get an inactive license if you do not have a sponsor.

Check Application for completeness

  • MLO New Application Checklist
    The checklist is a guide for application requirements and should not be provided to DFI. MLO New Application Checklist

* The National Test and Washington State Test were retired effective March 31, 2013, but passing results are still valid for new applicants.