The online electronic franchise filing system (“E-File System”) is intended to facilitate the electronic submission of franchise applications, renewals, and amendments online, eliminating the need to make any paper or other physical submissions to the Washington State Securities Division (“Division”). In so doing, we believe that time and resources will be conserved by both the applicant and the Division.

General Information for All Filing Types

Please note the following items prior to using the E-File System:

  • Please use the latest version of Windows Internet Explorer® web browser. While the E-File System has been tested to work on all web browsers, some users have reported errors while using other browsers.
  • Please disable your “Pop-up Blocker” on your browser.
  • Please do not use the “Back” button on your browser. Instead, please use the navigation buttons that are built into the E-File System.
  • The E-File System does not allow you to save a partially completed application. Therefore, if you close your browser before the process is complete, your work will be lost.

Using the E-File System

The following steps outline the process by which an applicant or permit-holder may file online:

  1. Access the E-File System
  2. Please take a moment to review the notices and instructions on the “Introduction” page and the “Instructions” page. When you are ready to begin, select “Start.”
  3. Select the appropriate filing type under the drop-down menu that is labeled, “Actions.” The options include:
    • Initial Franchise Application
    • Franchise Reapplication*
    • Amend Franchise
    • Renew Franchise

    *Reapplication is required for franchise offerings that were previously registered but failed to renew before the expiration date.

    Selecting “Initial Franchise Application” will bring you through a number of screens in which you will be prompted to enter the information found on the franchise registration application, including the name of the franchisor and offering, address of the franchisor, and contact information. If the contact information has previously been entered into our system, you will be given the option of choosing an existing contact entry from an automatically generated list.

    Selecting “Franchise ReApplication,” “Amend Franchise,” or “Renew Franchise” will bring you to a screen that allows you to either enter your Washington file number or look up this number. After entering a file number, you will be asked to confirm whether you have entered the correct number. Please be certain you are filing using the correct file number before proceeding.

  4. Upload each of the required documents, and provide an e-mail address in which confirmation of receipt may be sent. All uploaded files must be saved as Adobe PDF files (extension must be “.PDF”).

    For your convenience, we have provided several document-type categories that may be used for uploading your documents. While it is not required, we strongly recommend that you separate your documents into the categories provided. Additional documents may be added by selecting the “Add Another Exhibit” button at the bottom of the page.

    After selecting each of the files to be uploaded, select “Continue” to upload the documents. Please note that it may take up to four minutes to complete this process, depending on the size of the files and the speed of your internet connection.

  5. Enter payment information, and submit your payment to the Division.

    Please note the following fee schedule:

    Filing Type Fee Amount
    Initial Application $600
    Franchise Reapplication $600
    Franchise Renewal $100
    Franchise Amendment $100

    A notice will be present at the bottom of the payment page that confirms the fee amount that will be charged. Please verify that the payment amount is correct before selecting “Submit.”

    Our payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and E Check.

    When the payment process is complete, a payment confirmation receipt will be displayed in your web browser. This receipt will also be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided in connection with the PDF upload.

  6. Within 24 hours, you should receive an e-mail from the Division that confirms we received your filing. This e-mail will also contain an attachment that provides further information about our review process.

    Please be sure to check your “junk e-mail” or “bulk e-mail” inbox if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail. The sender of this e-mail is “”