Cindy Fazio

Message from Consumer Services Director Cindy Fazio

Quarterly message and update from Division of Consumer Services Director Cindy Fazio.

2021 Year in Review

A year in review for the Division of Consumer Services.

From the Field - Common Exam Violations

Common examination findings from the field.

Preparing for an Examination

Tips on preparing for an examination.

Recent Cyberattack Examples

A few examples of recent cyberattacks.

Questions and Answers from Recent Mortgage Broker Forum

Answers to questions from the recent mortgage broker forum meeting.

Mortgage Licensee FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions from mortgage licensees.

Industry Updates

What's New

What's New

Rulemaking Updates

Consumer Services has not filed any new rulemakings.

Visit DFI’s Rulemaking Webpage for rulemaking activity impacting other DFI industries.