Escrow Industry Update


Licensing Updates

License Types As of February 2021 As of January 2020
Main Office 57 59
Branch Office 9 9
Officers 103 105

Escrow Agent Renewal Recap

A note of gratitude to Escrow Agent licensees for their diligence in completing the renewal process. The Department processed renewal requests for 56 of the 57 Escrow Agent licensees by the December 31 deadline. This year’s renewal was slightly different because renewal notices were emailed instead of being mailed. Thank you to licensees for adjusting to this change.

Escrow Officer Renewals

Don’t forget! Escrow Officer Licenses expire throughout the year, depending on the initial approval date. Renewals are paid online via the Escrow Officer Online Renewal System. Licenses not renewed will cancel. If the license cancels, the individual must reapply for the license, which involves meeting new application requirements.

See WAC 208-680-243 for renewal and reinstatement information for escrow officers.

Escrow Committee Openings

The Department is currently seeking an individual to fill an opening on the Escrow Committee. You must be a licensee under RCW 18.44, the Escrow Agent Registration Act. Members of the escrow committee are appointed by the Department’s Director and meet quarterly via webinar to discuss industry issues.

If you hold a license under RCW 18.44, you are encouraged to consider participating in this important committee.

Escrow Committee Application

Escrow Committee Meeting

Information from the most recent Escrow Committee meeting, held in January, can be found on the Escrow Committee Webpage.