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Cindy Fazio

Message from Consumer Services Director Cindy Fazio

Quarterly message and update from Division of Consumer Services Director Cindy Fazio.

Look Back at 2020

A Look Back at 2020

A look back at 2020 for the Division of Consumer Services.

Moratorium Updates

Moratorium Updates

A recap of some of the more relevant changes that are still in effect that may impact Division of Consumer Services licensees and consumers.

Permissible Investments

Permissible Investments Plain Talk

What are Permissible Investments regulations? And why do state regulators place so much emphasis on them?

Common Exam Findings

From the Field - Common Exam Findings

Common examination findings from the field.

Preparing for an Exam

Preparing for an Examination

Tips for preparing for an examination.

Industry Updates

What's New

Rulemaking Updates

Consumer Services has not filed any new rulemakings.

Visit DFI's Rulemaking Webpage for rulemaking activity impacting other DFI industries.


Legislative Update

SB 5077 was introduced in the Washington State Senate this session. This bill would remove the requirement for Mortgage Loan Originators to license their residence as a branch location.

HB 1104 was introduced in the Washington State House this session. This bill would extend the Mortgage Lending Fraud Account (MLFA) to June 30, 2027. The MLFA was established to fund criminal prosecution of fraudulent activities related to mortgage lending. The MLFA was set to expire on June 30, 2021.

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