Check Casher/Seller and Payday Lender Industry Update

Check Cashers and Sellers.

Licensing Updates

License Types As of February 2021 As of January 2020
Check Casher - Main Office 93 97
Check Casher Branch Office 243 260
Check Seller - Main Office 0 0
Payday - Main Office 19 22
Payday - Branch Office 41 54

Annual Assessment Reminder –April 15 Deadline

The arrival of a new year often means the filing of quarterly or yearly reports. Licensees should remember the Annual Report and Assessment is due by April 15 each year. Information on filing the 2020 Annual Report and Assessment will be available in early March. You must also provide year-end financial statements, including both a balance sheet and income statement prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Please review WAC 208-630-830 for more information on the annual reporting requirement.