Money Services Industry Update

Money Services.

Licensing Updates

License Types As of February 2021 As of February 2020
Money Transmitter - Main 219 205
Money Transmitter - Authorized Delegates 9,548 10,703
Currency Exchanger - Main 8 8
Currency Exchanger - Authorized Delegates 5 5

Q4 MSB Call Report Filing Deadline

Don’t forget! The filing deadline for the Q4 2020 MSB Call Report is March 31. Licensee should review their numbers prior to filing and/or make any amendments as necessary to ensure complete and accurate information.

MSB Call Report

Multi-State MSB Licensing Agreement Update

The Multi-State MSB Licensing Agreement (MMLA) program continues to accept applications from entities seeking licensure in multiple states. The MMLA has received 60 applications and issued 260 licenses.

Multistate MSB Licensing Agreement Program

Reminder –Authorized Delegate Reporting

Don’t forget! Any authorized delegate change must be reported within 30 days of the change. All reporting is done through NMLS.

Authorized Agent Quick Guide