The Division of Credit Unions administers the Washington State Credit Union Act and the Central Credit Union Act, chapters 31.12 and 31.13 RCW, respectively. The Division's rules are set forth in Title 208 WAC.

For a complete listing of RCWs and WACs, visit the Office of the Code Reviser.

Credit Unions RCWs

RCW 19.144
Mortgage Lending and Homeownership
RCW 31.12
Washington State Credit Union Act
RCW 31.13
Corporate Credit Unions Act

Credit Unions WACs

WAC 208-400
Credit Union Corporate Governance
WAC 208-418
Fees Charged to Credit Unions and Related Parties
WAC 208-436
Rules governing supervisory approval of credit union investment practices
WAC 208-440
Credit union participation in commercial arrangements with third parties
WAC 208-444
Miscellaneous credit union rules
WAC 208-460
Member business loans
WAC 208-472
Credit union field of membership
WAC 208-476
Credit unions - Other real estate owned
WAC 208-490
"Guidance" for credit unions
WAC 208-600
Mortgage Lending and Homeownership