Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 2, 2006

Members and non-members of Fibre Federal Credit Union are currently receiving fraudulent customer service survey emails. These emails are offering $100 to complete the survey. The email provides a link which will direct members to a web page that will ask for card numbers, account numbers and PIN numbers. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE EMAILS ARE FRAUDULENT. The email addresses were obtained outside the Credit Union and in no way has there been a security breach concerning private information. The Credit Union is aware of the issue.

Fibre Federal Credit Union will never send you email that contains attachments or asks you to send personal information via email or pop-up windows. Any unsolicited request for Fibre Federal account information that you receive through email, web sites, or pop-up windows should be considered fraudulent and reported immediately. Call Fibre Federal Credit Union at 360-423-8750 and forward the suspicious email to

"Phishing" is an email-based scam. You will receive a fraudulent email that resembles a legitimate message from a financial institution or other trusted organization--your Credit Union or Internet Service Provider (ISP), as examples. The email might say you need to "update your records" or that there is a "security risk" with your account. Then, you will be directed to reply with personal or account information, or you might be instructed to click a link that takes you to a fraudulent web site or pop-up window.

"Spoofing" is a browser-based scam. You click on a link in a fraudulent email or web page that takes you to a web site or pop-up window that looks just like a legitimate site, but isn't. The counterfeit web site or pop-up window will ask you for personal or account information.

If you receive suspicious email regarding information on a Fibre FCU account, please forward it immediately to Fibre Federal at Also forward it to

If you think you are a victim, contact Fibre Federal by phone as soon as possible during business hours. If your Visa credit card or debit card is involved, immediately contact Visa at 1-866-568-1759. Also file a complaint at