Date Posted: 
Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thieves are installing high-tech tools called “skimmers” on local ATM machines to capture your account information and steal your money.

The scam involves attaching devices to ATM machines that read your debit and credit card information when you swipe them. A camera may also be installed nearby to capture your PIN, giving thieves everything they need to access your account.

ATMs in airports, gas stations, convenience stores and other well-travelled public places are most vulnerable to these devices.

Protect Yourself – Security Measures

  • Notice Your Surroundings
    Walk away from an ATM that looks suspicious or if you notice someone watching you. Report it to the ATM operator or nearby law enforcement.
  • Cover Your PIN
    When entering your PIN, stand close to the machine and try to make it difficult for a person or camera to see you typing in your PIN.
  • Review Your Account Statements
    Regularly review your account statements and report unauthorized withdrawals or purchases right away to your bank or credit card company.

What A Skimmer Looks Like

What a skimming device looks like.

Skimming device installed on ATM machine.

Camera installed to capture your PIN.

What camera looks like to ATM customer.