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Date Topic/Subject
ISGC-2005-002-DOB 03/15/2005

Equity Investment In Community Development Entity Managed By Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Gse Housing Authority Pursuant To Federally Authorized New Markets Tax Credit Program

ISGC-2005-001-DOB 03/09/2005

Exercise Of Custodial Powers By State Commercial Bank: Parity With Powers Conferred Upon A Federally Chartered Bank Under RCW 30.04.215(3)

ISGC-2004-008-DOB 11/05/2004

New York Bank’s Authority To Offer Secured Discretionary Lines Of Credit In Washington State

ISGC-2004-012-DOB 10/05/2004

Establishing “Short Duration” Branches At Washington State Colleges & Universities
During Periods Of Enrollment/Registration

ISGC-2004-011-DOB 09/10/2004

Out-Of-State Bank Holding Company Acquisition Of De Novo Commercial Bank

Chartered Pursuant To RCW Title 30 — Prohibition And Alternatives

ISGC-2004-010-DOB 07/23/2004

Acquisition Of Thrift Holding Company Of State Savings Bank By National Bank Holding Company; Merger Of State Savings Bank Into National Bank

ISGC-2004-007-DOB 06/23/2004

Virginia Bank And Its Mortgage Subsidiary: Requirements Of And Exemptions From Department Regulation (NOTE: Partially Superseded By Later Amendments To Consumer Loan Act, Ch. 31.04 RCW)

ISGC-2004-005-DOB 05/17/2004

State’s Reciprocity With Rhode Island Re: Purchasing Home Improvement Retail Installment Contracts

ISGC-2004-004-DOB 05/13/2004

Authority To Form Subsidiary To Hold And Complete Development Of Foreclosed Property

DOB 04-01 02/10/2004

Retention of Certain Powers and Authorities of a Stock Savings Bank

ISGC-2004-003-DOB 02/10/2004

Retention Of State Savings Bank Powers After Conversion To State Commercial Bank Charter

ISGC-2003-003-DOB 06/24/2003

Issues Related To Business Development Corporations Under Ch. 31.24. RCW Prior To 2006 Amendments

ISGC-2003-002-DOB 06/17/2003

Shareholder’s Dissenting Rights Re: Merger Of State Savings Association Into Federal Savings Association

DOB 99-002 12/22/1999

State of Washington's jurisdiction over a bank's Internet Website

DOB 99-001 12/14/1999

Out-of-state banks providing fiduciary services to Washington residents through a local office

DOB 98-003 12/01/1998

Request for concurrence on lending limitations

DOB 98-002 11/23/1998

Relating to purchase of the assets and assumption of the liabilities of a Washington bank branch by an out-of-state bank.

DOB 98-001 11/02/1998

Rules of Entry to a Savings Bank and the Definition of a Savings Bank

DOB 97-002 10/13/1997

Washington law does not prohibit an out-of-state trust company from establishing a trust in Washington, so long as such trust business does not constitute a “branch.”

DOB 97-001 02/28/1997

Request for an Opinion Concerning Reciprocity

DOB 96-010 12/30/1996

Regarding certain powers and authorities of Title 32 savings banks.

DOB 96-009 11/20/1996

Concerning the breadth of savings bank powers under amended RCW Title 32, specifically whether a Bank could invest, as an equity investor, in income producing real property, and whether it would have authority to put as much as its entire lending portfolio into business banking loans, without changing its charter.

DOB 96-008 11/01/1996

A Washington corporation organized solely to serve as trustee of a Massachusetts trust under the laws of the state of Washington is not a “trust company.”

DOB 96-007 09/19/1996

Ruling With Respect to Trust Assets Held by Trust Company Taken Over By the Director of Financial Institutions.

DOB 96-006 09/05/1996

Concerning sales of Prepaid Telephone Cards

DOB 96-005 08/19/1996

Concerning the powers of a Title 32 RCW savings bank relative to federal and state-chartered savings and loans and commercial banks.

DOB 96-004 08/07/1996

Whether a Washington corporation serving as a trustee owned by a trust company or bank with trust powers regulated by a state banking department or the OCC is a “trust company,” and if a Washington trust company may invest in all the voting stock of a Washington corporation organized solely to act as trustee of a Massachusetts trust organized under the laws of the State of Washington.

DOB 96-003 04/29/1996

Interpretation of the amendments contained in Washington State’s new interstate branching law as these revisions relate to limited services provided by Bank branch personnel at off-site locations.

DOB 96-002 02/29/1996

Agency Agreement Powers of State Chartered Banks

DOB 96-001 01/26/1996

Automobile Extended Service Program