Who the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions Regulates

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions regulates:

State chartered depository institutions
Such as banks, credit unions, savings banks, non-depository trust companies, and foreign bank branch

Non depository institutions and persons
Including mortgage bankers, mortgage servicers, consumer loan companies, loan officers, check cashers and sellers (including payday lenders), money transmitters and currency exchangers, mortgage brokers and escrow agents and officers. The Department also registers entities that offer tax refund anticipation loans

Securities industry
Including securities broker dealers, investment advisers and their agents, securities issuers, franchises, franchise brokers, and business opportunities

Number of Licensees

Last Updated: June 2019

Industry Number of Entities
State chartered depository institutions
State Chartered Banks 31
State Chartered Credit Unions 53
Foreign Bank Branch 1
Non-depository Trust Companies 17
Non depository institutions and persons
Check Casher and Seller 97
Consumer Loan Company 692
Escrow Agent 63
Money Transmitter 198
Mortgage Broker 308
Mortgage Loan Originators 14,609
Payday Lender 23
Securities industry
Registered Business Opportunities 2
Registered Franchise Offerings 1,250
Registered Securities Offerings 39
Investment Advisers 703
Investment Adviser Representatives 13,185
Securities Broker-Dealers 1,771
Branch Offices of Broker-Dealers 3,708
Securities Salespersons 183,760