Introducing the State Examination System

State Examination System

As we inch closer to the end of the year, those of us in the Examinations Unit, as with many of you, have started looking to and planning for a new year. Prioritizing the health and safety of our examiners and licensees, the vast majority of examinations will be conducted off-site for the foreseeable future. Once the safety of you, your employees, and our examiners is assured we will resume regularly scheduled on-site examinations.

In addition to a return to some normalcy in the New Year, we are looking forward to onboarding and piloting the State Examination System (SES). The SES is an online platform designed to bring state regulators and companies into the same technology space, fostering transparency and collaboration, and reducing redundancy. Designed to be used by states and companies as an all-encompassing system, licensee users will have their own login information to respond to examination requests. What does that mean for you? If your company is selected for an examination in the SES, examination point of contacts will be on-boarded into the system (unless previously on-boarded by another state). Once on-boarded, the examination will be conducted within the system. The majority of our examinations in 2021 will be conducted using our current examination procedures as we slowly transition into the SES. Check out the about State Examination System webpage for more information.

The Examination Unit would also like to introduce you to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month and a good time to review your business resumption plans. CISA provides a number of resources to help decrease cybersecurity risks including telework, cybersecurity awareness, and prevention resources.