Message from Cindy Fazio

Cindy Fazio

Hello. Here I am again, hoping everyone is healthy and businesses are continuing to survive. When I first made that wish back in April, we all had no idea the pandemic was going to occupy our entire year. And now I think we realize that many of the changes we thought were temporary will instead be permanent.

I think much of 2021 will continue to test our patience for change and our adaptability to it. I want to thank you all for the hard work you have done and do to keep your lives and businesses going. I feel so lucky to be working in a part of the economy that has not been decimated by job loss and customer loss, or are first responders to the pandemic. You all are playing such an important part in keeping this corner of the economy going. Now that we know this is a marathon and not a sprint, we need to pace ourselves. We need to keep calm and carry on as the saying goes.

So, Fall is here and license renewals began November 1. In our summer newsletter, we asked you to make sure to give yourself time to get the necessary things done to prepare. In this busy time, I hope you have had the chance to do so. We will do as much as we can to make the renewals seamless. Please do not wait to reach out to us if you have questions about renewing.

Again, thank you.

Cindy Fazio
Division of Consumer Services Director