Information from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Sending Money Internationally

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The Washington Commission on Hispanic Affairs and the Washington Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) want you to use money transfer services wisely.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about sending money internationally.

If you have any further questions or would like to file a complaint against a money transmitter doing business in Washington, you can contact DFI at 1-877 RING DFI (746-4334).

Using Money Transmission Services Wisely

What should I do when I choose a money transmitter service?
You should compare prices, exchange rates and fees. Shop around for the service best for you.

Verify the license of the money transmitter
Verify the license of the money transmitter by contacting DFI at 1-877 RING DFI (746-4334). By using a licensed money transmitter, DFI can help if you have a problem.

Should I monitor the transaction?
Yes. If it takes longer than 10 days, you should be concerned. Contact the business owner right away. If you're not satisfied and would like to file a complaint, contact DFI.

Do I need a receipt?
Yes. Make sure you get a receipt when you send money. Where can I get help? To file a complaint, or get answers to your questions, contact DFI online at or call 1-877 RING DFI (746-4334).

Your Rights

When you’re sending money internationally, in most cases you have federal rights to protect you:

  • Have the money delivered to the correct person or business.
  • Before you pay, and after the transfer is sent, receive information about:
    • exchange rate (if any)
    • certain fees
    • taxes
    • amount to be received
  • Cancel a transfer, generally within 30 minutes after it is sent, at no cost.
  • Report a problem to the company within 180 days and have it investigated. The company has to look into the problem within 90 days and report an outcome to you.

More information

For more information about sending money internationally , see the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Money Transfers website.