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At Home Financial Education for Grades K-2

Financial education resources and activities that can be done at home.

Green Money

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Budgeting and Money Decisions


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Goal Setting and Saving


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Earning and Spending Money


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  • Money Monsters
    The Money Monsters are a group of creatures who are new to our universe. That means they need to learn about many important things like school, friendship, and financial literacy. The Money Monsters will learn to save, protect their things, what things really cost, and how to become good borrowers.
  • Lemonade in Winter Reading
    Online reading of Lemonade in Winter. A book about two kids counting money.

What is Money?


  • What is Money?
    Young Explorers on PBS explains the different types of money and ways money can be used.

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Online Game

  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter
    Learning about money is fun with Peter Pig. In this interactive game, kids practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning fun facts about U.S. currency.


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