Games for Kids

Games for Kids Links to games that teach kids about money.

  • Practical Money Skills Games
    A number of fun,educational games from Visa that teach kids about money.
  • Reality Check
    What kind of lifestyle does your child want? Have them answer these few basic questions and they'll be given a Reality Check.
  • It All Adds Up
    Online games and simulations that teach kids about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing.
  • H.I.P. Pocket Change
    A number of games from the U.S. Mint that teaches kids about currency and managing money.
  • Fraud Scene Investigator
    Welcome to FSI: FRAUD SCENE INVESTIGATOR, an online interactive investor education program that teaches and empowers students how to detect and stop.
  • Monetta Games
    Learn about saving, investing, and money management by these free games from Monetta.
  • Financial Entertainment
    Free financial education games from the Dare 2 Dream fund.
  • Financial Football
    March your football team down the field or put the defensive stop on your opposing team by answering questions about money correctly.