Information from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

At Home Financial Education Resources for Students and Families

Free financial education resources will help you and your students and their families keep the learning at home.

Financial Literacy Readings

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman Reads "Lily Learns About Wants and Needs"

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Reads "A Chair for My Mother"

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Reads "Those Shoes"

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Reads "Lemonade in Winter"

Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson Reads "Gabriel Gets A Great Deal

DFI's Crystal Wright Reads "Lemonade In Winter"

DFI's Crystal Wright Reads "The Squirrel Manifesto"

Additional Resources

Money Savvy Kids Videos

Short videos produced with KCTS9 and the Washington DFI that cover the 4 money choices featuring the Money Savvy Pig character:

Family Activity and Coloring Book (for ages 4 – 11)

Printable activity book with several activities pulled from the Money Savvy Kids curriculum for families to do together.

Schoolhouse Rock! Money Videos

Money Savvy Guide for Teenagers

4 activity sheets to support Money Savvy U lessons OMG for Teenagers Interactive Worksheets – 6 activity sheets to support the O.M.G. Official Money Guide for Teenagers worksheets.

Family At Home Financial Fun Pack

The Family-At-Home Financial Fun Pack is a curated set of materials from the Council for Economic Education (CEE) and a few of its friends that we think are well suited for families to enjoy on their own. You will find family activities, games, worksheets, and suggested books for your child or anyone sheltering together to enjoy and learn from. You can easily select activities to help your children acquire the tools to live a life of opportunity – and have some fun along the way.

“Cash With Draw” Videos

Financial education videos from the Washington DFI and KCTS9 with key financial strategies to navigate today’s economy and markets: 

Other Interactive Games and Resources

Online interactive financial education games and resources.

Financial Education Materials for Washington Educators

The Washington Financial Education Public Private Partnership has compiled a list of financial education materials for educators.

See: Financial Education Materials for Washington Educators