Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed October as Student Loan Awareness Month (“SLAM”) . See Press Release from DFI.

Classroom Presentations

The Student Loan Workgroup, which was informally convened by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, is seeking to reach students with information so they can minimize their student loan debt.

SLAM classroom presentations include one- to three-hour exercises that high school teachers can use to prepare students for what it means to take on loans for their post-high school plans. In the exercises, students advance through a worksheet that helps them assemble critical information so they can make informed and responsible choices about how to finance their post-high school plans.  Students walk away from the activity with a clear action plan. The activity also satisfies a number of the new K-12 financial education state standards. 

Please contact Outreach Chair Tony Leahy at or (206) 898-6703 if you would like to request a SLAM rep to come to your classroom.

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