2017 Uniform Money Services Act Rulemaking

Money Services Providers
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DFI has filed a CR-101 to propose amendments to the rules implementing the law. The rule amendment proposals will implement changes to the law and provide guidance to the industry. Some technical amendments will be proposed as well. You can review the changes to the law via Substitute Senate Bill 5031.

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Rulemaking Documents

  • CR-103
    This is the agency’s notice of adoption of the amended rules.
  • Adopted Rules
    This is the rule language that becomes effective August 1, 2018.
  • Concise Explanatory Statement
    This document summarizes the comments received on the rulemaking and the agency’s response to the comments after consideration. The comments can be seen in their entirety in the Comments Received section below.
  • Attachment 2 to Concise Explanatory Statement
    Summary of written comments received by DFI during the rulemaking process, and DFI’s responses to the comments.
  • Draft of Rules for May 2, 2018 Meeting
  • CR-102
    Please note: There have been no changes to the Draft Proposed Amendments in the document immediately below. The agency is continuing to review the comments received and does anticipate changes for further consideration before adoption. Please see the industry call and public hearing information above.
  • Draft of Proposed Amendments
  • CR-101

Audio from Rulemaking Hearings

Comments Received

Submitting Rulemaking Comments

Throughout the rulemaking you can provide comments in any of the following methods:

Contact: Sara Rietcheck
Division of Consumer Services
P.O. Box 41200
Olympia, WA 98504-1200.
Phone: (360) 902-8793
Email: sara.rietcheck@dfi.wa.gov

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