From the: Winter 2021/2022 Newsletter

DFI announced the launch of the Center for FinTech Information (CFI) in May 2021. The CFI was created to facilitate communication between DFI and entrepreneurs, start-ups, and FinTech companies that wish to enter the financial services space.

Based on industry feedback, we launched an updated CFI website on Dec. 1 to include more user-friendly information and tools. Website improvements include: adding staff contact information, adding a comprehensive FinTech timeline, and providing a high-level decision tree.

CFI Website
Screen capture of decision tree

A major component of the CFI is to review business concepts or plans to assist a new business in identifying potential activities that may be regulated by DFI. The CFI provides information about doing business in Washington as a regulated entity under DFI’s financial laws, rules, and regulations, including those related to money transmission, lending, securities, and banking. The CFI site also has comprehensive regulatory guidance and information for industry participants, consumers, and investors.

The CFI can be reached by contacting Ali Higgs, Director of Regulatory and Legal Affairs, by using the dedicated CFI email address or by phone at (360) 902-0516.