DFI Diversity Advisory Team

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) values diversity and inclusion among our staff in carrying out our mission. To support those values, DFI established the Diversity Advisory Team (DAT) in 2017, to develop and support inclusion strategies across DFI.

The group promotes a culture of inclusiveness and sense of community among all employees in support of DFI’s foundational values of diversity, fairness and respect for individuals and institutions, and employees as our most important resource.

All DFI staff have a responsibility to model, promote, and advocate for a strong and visible culture of diversity and inclusion by creating a welcoming and respectful environment where every person is valued and honored.

DAT accomplishments:

  • Members offer monthly highlights of relevant topics
  • Members provide DEI items for the agency’s weekly internal newsletter
  • Members represent the DFI at various state level Business Resource Groups including:  Veterans Employee Resource Group, Rainbow Alliance and Inclusion Network, Latino Leadership Network, Disability Inclusion Network Washington Immigrant Network, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council and Blacks United in Leadership and Diversity.
  • Gender-neutral signage on restrooms at DFI was established.
  • Encouraged and supported use of personal pronouns in email signature blocks and internal messaging.
  • Led Agency participation in the Tumwater SAFE Places program. 
  • The DAT started a monthly book review.  The current book, “What If – Short Stories to Spark Inclusion and Diversity Dialogue” is nearing completion .