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Enacted in 2018, the Student Education Loan Bill of Rights (Bill of Rights) gives certain rights to Washington State consumers with student education loans.

Under the Bill of Rights, consumers can expect their servicer to take certain actions promptly and not engage in conduct that can harm consumers.

Among other things, consumers can expect their servicers to:

  • Promptly and accurately apply payments, assess fees, and correct errors;
  • Provide the borrower information about their loans, available repayment and loan forgiveness options, and resources available to the borrower;
  • Accurately provide information about the borrower’s loan to the credit bureaus; and
  • Respond promptly and completely to borrower requests for information about their loans.

The above is a high-level summary of a borrower’s rights under the Bill of Rights. For more detail, review the statutory language here:

Getting Help

If a borrower believes their student education loan servicer (servicer) may have violated their rights under the Student Loan Bill of Rights, the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), the Student Loan Advocate with the Washington Student Achievement Council (Student Loan Advocate), and the Office of the Attorney General may be able to help.

Contact the Student Loan Advocate with Questions – email or call 1-833-881-0397. The Student Loan Advocate can help consumers understand their rights and options with student education loans.

File a Complaint with DFI if a Servicer May Have Violated the Law – file online at or call 1-877-RING DFI (1-877-746-4334). DFI investigates complaints against licensed student loan servicers.

File a Complaint with the Office of the Attorney General for Problems with Schools or Student Loan Modification – file online at The Office of the Attorney General investigates complaints against educational institutions, and companies that fraudulently offer to modify student education loans for a fee. The Office of the Attorney General can also help investigate possible violations of the law by student education loan servicers.

Call DFI or the Student Loan Advocate to Determine where to File a Complaint – DFI and the Student Loan Advocate can answer questions about whether to file a complaint or where to ask for help.DFI, the Student Loan Advocate, and the Office of the Attorney General work together to protect consumers with student education loans. Consumers can contact any of these offices for help.