Charlie Clark

Message from DFI Director, Charlie Clark

The world of financial services is changing almost daily. As the state’s financial regulator, it’s important for us to not just keep pace, but to make certain we are looking consistently to the future.

Last year I asked employees at DFI to assess our strategic plan and make sure we are “stretching” as we work to align with the Governor’s priorities, navigate a changing regulatory landscape, and prepare to regulate emerging financial services industries.

We decided we wanted a new more visionary strategic plan that would carry us into the future. We wanted it to have meaning and speak to every employee regardless of their job at DFI. The strategic plan had to be a living document that always moves DFI to work at its highest capacity, and positions us to become the best leaders in protecting consumers and regulating the financial services industry.

I am proud of all the DFI staff work involved in creating our new strategic plan and am pleased to share the results of all our work with you. Below is our one page summary of our plan. You can also find a summary of our strategic plan on our website.

Strategic Plan Image