Veterans, military service members, military spouses, and military families are essential and vibrant members of Washington’s culture, economy, and workforce. Washington has more than 79,000 active duty members from the military, National Guard, and the reserve forces. Here are some ways DFI is assisting veterans and military families:

YesVets Hiring Campaign

DFI is a proud supporter of the YesVets hiring campaign, having hired veterans every year since program inception in 2016. DFI actively partners with WorkSource, statewide college/universities and local veteran organizations to support recruiting fairs and employment events. DFI seeks qualified service members and spouses to fill positions at DFI and helps them successfully transition into civilian employment with the State of Washington.

Expedited Licensing for Veteran and Military Spouse Owned Businesses

When applicable, DFI offers expedited application processing for military members, veterans, spouses, and dependents. The expedited application processing supports Governor Inslee’s Executive Order 19-01 supporting veteran and military family transitions. More information is available online at

Financial Resource Guide for Military Service Members

DFI has compiled a list of financial resources and assistance programs available to military service members and their families. Topics covered include home loans, education and training, debt, and more. To view the resource guide, visit

Veterans Award

DFI qualified for YesVets recognition for 2019 and has qualified every year since program inception. Pictured above are DFI Deputy Director Catherine Mele-Hetter, DFI Director Charles Clark, Program Manager for ESD/WorkSource Steven Severson, DFI Lead Recruiter Tom Grant, and DFI HR Director Gerri Davis.