Online Financial Education

Teaching financial education is a major part of our role in DFI Communications. We want all Washington residents to have access to the information they need to make wise financial decisions, especially during a time of financial difficulty for so many.  With the pandemic, all of our travel and in-person outreach has come to a halt. We have begun setting up financial outreach from a distance.

Instead of cancelling all of our scheduled outreach, we switched to virtual presentations. Using web conferencing platforms, such as Skype and WebEx, we have been able to present to groups while still staying apart.

A few of our virtual presentations so far have included:

  • A presentation at the Washington Association of Career and Technical Education Summer conference. This conference is for business teachers. A member from DFI gives a presentation on identity theft and fraud every year. This year the conference was conducted virtually and we were able to still have an interactive presentation with the group.
  • A presentation for The Enilda Clinic with Peter Tassoni from the Department of Commerce talking to parents about funding college for their students, including those with special needs.
  • Our quarterly webinar with the Department of Retirement Systems on fraud and identity theft.
  • Readings of financial education story books done by several of our DFI employees. These readings were recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and promoted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

DFI’s Outreach and Education team is creating handouts students can print from home for hands-on, engaging financial education lessons. These handouts include topics such as identity theft, fraud, budgeting and saving. Students are doing all of their learning on a computer for the near future and we wanted to produce something they could work on offline. These handouts have information as well as short activities for kids to complete and will be available to download on our website. 

The financial education section of the DFI website has been updated with resources for teachers, parents and students from partner organizations. Resources include videos, interactive games, lesson plans and student worksheets. With parents teaching from home, these resources will provide them lesson plans to add financial education into their own curriculum.