Washington Adopts Amendments to Investment Adviser Rules at Chapter 460-24A WAC

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Washington Securities Division has adopted amendments to the investment adviser rules at Chapter 460-24A WAC.

The Rule-Making Order (Form CR-103), the text of the Adopted Rules, Summary of Rule Amendments, as well as other rulemaking documents are available on our rulemaking webpage.

The amendments update various provisions of the investment adviser rules, including the rules regarding examination requirements, advertisements, custody, advisory contracts, performance compensation, and books and records. In addition, the amendments add a requirement for advisers to maintain cybersecurity policies and procedures and a code of ethics. The amendments also make various ministerial and plain English updates, such as alphabetizing the definitions rule.

If you have any questions regarding the rulemaking, please contact Jill Vallely at (360) 902-8801 or jill.vallely@dfi.wa.gov.