Licensing Numbers

License Types As of July 2022 As of July 2021
Main Office 47 58
Branch Office 6 9
Officers 82 101

Understanding Fidelity Insurance Requirements

Per RCW 18.44.201, Escrow Agent licensees must maintain a fidelity bond, among other requirements.  The accuracy and timely maintenance of a licensee’s fidelity bond is vital. An inaccurate or canceled fidelity policy can lead to actions affecting the Escrow Agent license and ability to conduct licensed escrow activities in Washington State.

To aid licensees and applicants with fidelity insurance compliance, the Department maintains resources at Escrow Agents and Officers Frequently Asked Questions.

A list of WA endorsements for your fidelity policy can be found at Washington State Escrow Agent Endorsement and Lloyds Version - Washington State Escrow Agent Endorsement.

Please contact CS Licensing staff at with questions related to fidelity policies for Escrow Agents.

Escrow Committee Meeting

Information from the most recent Escrow Committee meeting, held in July, can be found on the Escrow Committee Webpage.

Escrow Committee Openings

The Department is currently seeking two individuals to fill openings on the Escrow Committee. You must be a licensee under RCW 18.44, the Escrow Agent Registration Act. Members of the escrow committee are appointed by the Department’s Director and meet quarterly via webinar to discuss industry issues

If you hold a license under RCW 18.44, you are encouraged to consider participating in this important committee.

Escrow Committee Application