Check Casher/Seller and Payday Lender Industry Update

Licensing Updates

License Types As of May 2021 As of May 2020
Check Casher - Main Office 87 96
Check Casher Branch Office 240 255
Check Seller - Main Office 0 0
Payday - Main Office 17 20
Payday - Branch Office 39 49

Check Casher Annual Assessments

A word of thanks to the Check Casher and Small Loan Endorsement licensees who completed the annual assessment process on or ahead of the April 15 filing deadline.

This was the second year of the online assessment filing system. As of the filing deadline, 94% of licensees filed the required report on time. Licensees who failed to file received suspension notices and are encouraged to file as soon as possible.

Check Casher and Small Loan Endorsements Annual Assessments