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Cindy Fazio

Message from Consumer Services Director Cindy Fazio

Message from Cindy Fazio about working through the pandemic and the license renewal season.


Ready To Renew Your License? How To Be Prepared

Information about license renewals and how you can prepare.

House and Paperwork

DFI Team Continues To Assist Distressed Homeowners

The Mortgage Assistance Team continues to assist distressed homeowners by providing guidance and resources to callers with mortgage-related questions.

State Examination System

Introducing the State Examination System

The State Examination System is an online platform designed to bring state regulators and companies into the same technology space, fostering transparency and collaboration, and reducing redundancy.


From the Field - Common Exam Findings

Common violations our exam teams in each industry found during examinations in the last quarter.

Industry Updates

What's New

Rulemaking Updates

Consumer Services has not filed any new rulemakings.

Visit DFI's Rulemaking Webpage for rulemaking activity impacting other DFI industries.


Legislative Update

We have not yet received approval from the Governor’s office on the proposed legislation to, under certain circumstances, allow mortgage loan originators to work from home. Stay tuned.

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