Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Laws and Rules
(RCW and WAC)

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Statutory Authority

The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) was established in October 1993 by RCW 43.320.

RCW 43.320 Department of Financial Institutions.

General Laws

RCW 19.144 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership

General Rules

WAC 208-04 General agency provisions.
WAC 208-08 Adjudicative procedures.
WAC 208-12 Public records.


Division of Banks

Laws for Banks

RCW 11 Probate and Trust Law.
RCW 30 Banks and Trust Companies.
RCW 31.24 Industrial Development Corporations.
RCW 31.35 Agricultural Lenders, Loan Guaranty Program.
RCW 31.40 Federally Guaranteed Small Business Loans.
RCW 32 Mutual Savings Banks.
RCW 33 Savings and Loan Associations.

Rules for Banks

WAC 208-512 Banks and Trust Companies.
WAC 208-512A Limits on Loans and Extensions of Credit (formerly 208-512-240 WAC)
WAC 208-514 Mutual Savings Banks.
WAC 208-528 New State Banks and Trust Companies - Application and Investigation.
WAC 208-532 Establishment of Alien Banks in Washington -- Procedure.
WAC 208-536 Administration of Trust Companies -- Investments, Etc.
WAC 208-544 Schedule of Costs of Examinations.
WAC 208-548 Acquisition of Banks, Trust Companies, National Banking Associations of Bank Holding Companies by Out-of-State Bank Holding Companies.
WAC 208-556 Small Business Administration 7(A) Loan Guaranty Program Nondepository Lenders -- Licensing and Regulation.
WAC 208-586 Examination and Supervision Fees for Savings and Loan Associations.
WAC 208-590 Merger or Acquisition of Troubled Associations.
WAC 208-594 Savings and Loan Trust Powers.
WAC 208-598 Foreign Association Branch Application Procedures.


Division of Consumer Services

Laws Implemented by Consumer Services

RCW 18.44 Escrow Agent Registration Act. (This program was transferred to the Division of Consumer Services July 1, 2006.)
RCW 19.144 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership
RCW 19.146 Mortgage Broker Practices Act.
RCW 19.230 Uniform Money Services Act.
RCW 19.265 Tax Refund Anticipation Loan Act.
RCW 31.04 Consumer Loan Act.
RCW 31.45 Check Cashers and Sellers Act.

Rules Implemented by Consumer Services

WAC 208-680 Escrow Agent Registration Act
WAC 208-600 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership
WAC 208-660 Mortgage brokers and loan originators -- Licensing.
WAC 208-690 Regulation of money services providers.
WAC 208-620 Washington Consumer Loan Act (Formerly chapter 50-20 WAC)
WAC 208-630 Check cashers and sellers -- Regulation of.


Division of Credit Unions

Laws for Credit Unions

RCW 31.12 Washington State Credit Union Act.
RCW 31.13 Corporate Credit Unions Act.

Rules for Credit Unions

WAC 208-04 General Provisions
WAC 208-08 Adjudicative Procedures
WAC 208-12 Public Records
WAC 208-418 Fees Charged to Credit Unions and Related Parties
WAC 208-424 Regulatory relief for small credit unions
WAC 208-436 Rules Governing Supervisory Approval of Credit Union Investment Practices
WAC 208-440 Credit Union Participation in Commercial Arrangements with Third Parties
WAC 208-444 Miscellaneous Credit Union Rules
WAC 208-460 Credit Union Member Business Loans
WAC 208-472 Credit Union Field of Membership
WAC 208-476 Other Real Estate Owned
WAC 208-490 "Guidance" for Credit Unions


Division of Securities

Federal Laws for Securities

State Laws for Securities

RCW 21.20 Securities Act of Washington.
RCW 19.100 Franchise Investment Protection Act.
RCW 19.110 Business Opportunity Fraud Act.
RCW 21.30 Commodity Transactions Act.

State Rules for Securities

WAC 460-10A Definitions.
WAC 460-11A Multijurisdictional disclosure system.
WAC 460-12A Fraudulent and other prohibited practices.
WAC 460-16A General rules.
WAC 460-17A Small company offering registration.
WAC 460-18A Notice filings for federal covered securities.
WAC 460-20B Broker-dealer registration.
WAC 460-21B Broker-dealer practices.
WAC 460-21C Broker-dealer services at financial institutions.
WAC 460-22B Salespersons of broker-dealers.
WAC 460-23B Salespersons for issuers.
WAC 460-24A Investment advisers.
WAC 460-25A Use of senior designations.
WAC 460-28A Advertisements.
WAC 460-32A Real estate related securities programs.
WAC 460-33A Regulations concerning securities involving mortgages, trust deeds or property sales contracts.
WAC 460-42A Exempt securities.
WAC 460-44A Exempt transactions.
WAC 460-52A Nonprofit organizations.
WAC 460-60A Financial statements and reports -- Contents and filing requirements.
WAC 460-64A Capital requirements -- Definitions.

State Rules for Franchises

WAC 460-80 Franchise registration.
WAC 460-82 Franchise broker.

Securities Registration Exemption Table


Related Laws That DFI Does Not Implement

RCW 19.52 WA State Interest - Usury Laws.

See: Guide to Interest Rates in Washington


RCW - Revised Code of Washington
WAC - Washington Administrative Code

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