Consumer Publications

Consumer publications available from DFI.

Financial Field Manual for Military Families

A personal finance guide for military families.

Foreclosure Fairness Act Brochure

Information about the Washington foreclosure fairness act and foreclosure mediation program

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Get Smart About Your Money

Get Smart About Your Money" is a 16 page informative newspaper insert that ran in the Seattle Times on September 09, 2008. The insert covers basic personal finance topics.

Guide to Home Loans

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Workbook that helps you understand and navigate the home buying process.

Information covered: What you need to know about loans, questions to ask your lender, examples of disclosure forms and checklists, tips on avoiding predatory loans, glossary of common mortgage terms .

Guide to Home Loans - Uploaded Forms Insert (For Previous Versions of Guide)

Note: This insert is for previous versions of Guide to Home Loans. New Guide to Home Loans ordered will already have the insert. The insert is meant to provide a brief summary/explanation of two new forms Washington Sate homeowners may be asked to sign in the process of purchasing a home. If you have questions about any of this information, please contact Lyn Peters at 360-902-8731 or

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Guide to Title and Insurance and Escrow Services

A consumer's guide to title insurance and escrow services.

Investing - 5 Keys to Investing Success

There really aren't any investment secrets. The methods employed by successful investors are well known. This booklet presents a bird's-eye view of five keys used by successful investors.

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Investing - A Primer for Investing in Bonds

Bonds can be an important part of your investment portfolio. This booklet provides a primer for those interested in bonds. It will teach you what bonds are, how they work, the different type of bonds, and more.

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Investing - Getting Help with Your Investments

Even the most knowledgeable investor needs help from an investment professional sometimes, even if that professional just handles a stock purchase. This booklet provides the information you need to find and work with reputable brokers and financial advisers.

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Investing - Maximize Your Retirement Investments

Deciding where to invest your retirement money is one of the more difficult decisions you will make. This booklet gives you an overview of different investment options to help you maximize your retirement portfolio.

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Investing - Mutual Funds: Maybe All You'll Ever Need

For individual investors who don't have a lot of time or money to devote to investing, mutual funds offer advantages that simply aren't available anywhere else. This booklet provides an overview of what mutual funds are, how to choose them, the advantages of investing in them, and more.

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Investing - The Basics for Investing in Stocks

No other investment available holds as much potential as stocks over the long run. This booklet will give you the knowledge you need to begin investing in stocks.

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Investing - Where to Invest Your College Money

Once you have decided to put money aside for college, it is important to determine where to save or invest it. This booklet introduces different college investment and savings vehicles.

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Payday Lending - Borrower Rights and Responsibilities

This information is designed to advise you of some changes to the law and of your rights and responsibilities in connection with obtaining a payday loan in the State of Washington under Chapter 31.45 RCW beginning January 1, 2010.

Payday Lending - Borrower Rights and Responsibilities - Español

El propósito de este folleto es para informarle de algunos cambios en la ley y de sus derechos y responsabilidades al obtener un préstamo del día de pago en el estado de Washington bajo el Capitulo 31.45 RCW después del 1 de enero, 2010.

Right on the Money - Financial Know-How for Financial Freedom

Whether you’re in college for two years or four, or just taking a few classes, this booklet can help you acquire the financial skills you need to create the kind of life you want. Right on the Money was produced in collaboration with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).

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Short Sale: Seller Advisory

Advisory for sellers considering a short sale.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy an Equity-Indexed Annuity

Information you should know before you buy an Equity-Indexed Annuity.