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Get Involved With Washington Saves Week

Ideas on how you or your organization can get involved with Washington Saves Week.

Non Profit Organizations

  • Write an OP-ED and Submit It to the Local Media
    Submit an op-ed to your local newspaper or newsletter.
  • Host an Event or Workshop
    Host a motivational workshop, presentation, or topic seminar. Invite the general public to attend.
  • Add a Link to Our Web Site
    Add a link to the Washington Saves Week Web site on your Web site.


  • Talk With Your Child About Saving
    Explain to your child the importance of saving money. If your child receives an allowance, encourage them to save at least 10%.
  • Open a Savings Account For Your Child
    Open a savings account at your local bank or credit union. Many banks or credit unions have programs specifically for children.


  • Set Up an Informational Display Area
    Set up display or area for information about saving. Include books, web access, etc.
  • Host a Workshop
    Host motivational workshops and topic seminars for the public.
  • Hold a Contest
    Hold contests and activities targeted to youth on saving and wealth building.
  • Add a Link to Our Web Site
    Add a link to the Washington Saves Week Web site on your Web site.


  • Include Savings Articles in Your Newsletter/Intranet
    Place article(s) about saving in your internal newsletter or Intranet.
  • Add a Link to Our Web Site
    Add a link to Washington Saves Week Web site on your Intranet or Web site.
  • Post Information Sheets Around the Office
    Post Washington Saves Weeks tips/promotional materials around your office.
  • Encourage Employees to Attend Financial Education Classes
    Encourage employees to attend one of the classes listed on the Washington Financial Education Calendar.


  • Host a Discussion/Lecture
    Host a discussion or lecture about the importance of saving.
  • Offer Extra Credit
    Offer extra credit opportunities by encouraging students to set up a budget and then share their findings with the class.
  • Teach Students the Power of Compounding Interest
    Incorporate a discussion/activity about compounding interest. Give them real life examples, ie: packing a lunch rather than eating out.
  • Encourage Students to Fill Out the BallPark Estimate Tool
    Encourage your students to fill out the ChooseToSave.Org Interactive BallPark Estimate Tool. This will help them understand the importance of saving for retirement.


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