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Beware of Unlicensed Internet Lenders

The Washington Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) recently took action against several unlicensed internet payday loan lenders for making small loans to Washington state residents at rates in excess of what the law allows. So, how can Washington residents obtain a loan online while...

Money As You Learn

The President’s Advisory on Financial Capability recently went live with, a new financial education resource for K-12 educators. Money as You Learn offers educators tools to integrate personal finance into the teaching of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and...

Are You at Risk for Identity Theft? Test Your Identity Quotient

We hear about new tactics thieves use to steal our identities almost nightly on the news.  With all of this coverage, how are you doing in protecting yourself from identity thieves? Take this quiz from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse to find out. ___ I receive several offers of pre-approved...

How to Reduce Text Message Spam

Spammers for years have been targeting your email and now they are after your cell phone via text message.  Even more annoying, if you don’t have an unlimited text messaging plan, you may end up paying for these text messages. Spam Laws In 2003, Congress passed the Controlling the Assault of Non-...

Inside A Timeshare Scam

On Wednesday, DFI’s Division of Consumer Services issued an alert regarding Resort Escrow Exchange and International Event Coordinators. Washington consumers report that the companies appear to be conducting a Mexican timeshare escrow scam. How the Scam Works Representatives of International Event...