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Money Games for Kids

Friday, June 23, 2017

With summer vacation starting for many kids, now is a good time to use some of their free time to teach them about money.

There are many free games online that can help you teach kids the basics of personal finance. Below are a few designed for kids 5-12.

Dollar a Glass Lemonade Stand

Run a lemonade stand while learning about supply, demand, profit, costs, and more.

Peter’s Pig Money Calculators

Different challenges to help kids recognize coin currency. Sort coins into the correct jars, count coins, and more.

Financial Football

Test your financial knowledge on the gridiron. Play against the computer or against your friends. Go Hawks!

Farm Blitz

Build a farm and watch your crops grow. Be careful not to get yourself into too much debt though.

World of Cents Game

World of Cents is a fun and engaging, kid-friendly game for ages 5 and up designed to help teach the value of money through the concepts of earning, saving and spending money, while incorporating basic math concepts.