Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Division of Credit Unions
Washington Administrative Code

WAC 208-04 General Provisions
WAC 208-08 Adjudicative Procedures
WAC 208-12 Public Records
WAC 208-400 Credit Union Corporate Governance
WAC 208-418 Fees Charged to Credit Unions and Related Parties
WAC 208-424 Regulatory relief for small credit unions
WAC 208-436 Rules Governing Supervisory Approval of Credit Union Investment Practices
WAC 208-440 Credit Union Participation in Commercial Arrangements with Third Parties
WAC 208-444 Miscellaneous Credit Union Rules
WAC 208-460 Credit Union Member Business Loans
WAC 208-472 Credit Union Field of Membership
WAC 208-476 Other Real Estate Owned
WAC 208-600-200 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership
WAC 208-490 "Guidance" for Credit Unions