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Rulemaking is the process government agencies must use to create, modify, or repeal rules in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

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Recent Rulemaking by the Division of Credit Unions

  1. Reasonable Compensation
  2. Frequency of Board Meetings

Reasonable Compensation Rulemaking

The Division of Credit Unions recently completed rulemaking regarding reasonable compensation for members of the board and supervisory committee of a Washington state chartered credit union. See below for documents from the rulemaking process.

Reasonable Compensation Rulemaking Documents

Previous Stakeholder Meeting Documents

Reasonable Compensation Rulemaking Comments

Pre-Rulemaking Comments
(Received before CR-101 was filed on 08/05/2013)

Frequency of Board Meetings Rulemaking

The Division of Credit Unions has almost completed its second rulemaking related to the amendments to the Washington Credit Union Act. The second rulemaking will cover RCW 31.12.225 (5) regarding frequency of board meetings.

Frequency of Board Meeting Rulemaking Documents

March 20, 2014 Meeting Documents

January 23, 2014 Meeting Documents

November 26, 2013 Meeting Documents

Rulemaking Documents

Rulemaking Comments

Rulemaking Archive

About Rules

Rules are regulations, standards, or other statements of general applicability adopted by an agency to either:

  1. Implement, interpret, or make specific a law enforced or administered by an agency, or

  2. Prescribe or interpret an agency policy, procedure or practice requirement binding on persons outside the agency.

Rules are valid and binding on the persons they affect, and have the force of law unless amended, revised, or unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines otherwise.

Petition for Adoption, Amendment, or Repeal of a State Rule
Individuals or groups who wish to petition DFI to adopt, amend, or repeal an administrative rule may do so by using the form linked below. You also may contact DFI using other formats, such as a letter or email.

Rulemaking Steps

Generally, rulemaking takes place in three distinctive steps based on filings required by the Office of the Code Reviser:

  1. CR-101 Pre-proposal Statement of Inquiry. At this stage, proposed text is usually not available. Comment is invited on whether rules in the areas identified in the CR-101 are needed and, if so, the content of those rules.
  2. A CR-102 Rulemaking Proposal is filed if it is decided to proceed. Proposed text is filed with the CR-102 and a comment period and public hearing are scheduled.
  3. After the comment period and public hearing, a CR-103 Rulemaking Order will be filed if it is decided to proceed with the rule. The final text is included with the CR-103. The newly adopted rules are generally effective 31 days after filing with the Code Reviser.

Once a rule has been adopted, it becomes a part of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

For more information on influencing the rule-making process in WA State, see "A Role for Citizen's in Public Policy (PDF)*".

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