Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Exam Forms

In order to open some of the exam forms below, you may need to install software on your computer. Read more about the the software required to open the forms.

Exam Forms

Software Requirements

Some of the exam forms above may require software to be installed on your machine before being opened. See below for more information.

PDF Forms

In order to view and print the form in PDF format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Adobe Acrobat Reader only allows you to view and print PDF forms.

Microsoft Excel Forms

In order to open an Excel spreadsheet, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Microsoft Excel will allow you to fill in the form fields and save the completed spreadsheet to your machine.

Zip Files

A zip file is a computer file that contains one or more files that have been compressed or stored. Minimal support for zip files have been built into the later releases of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Learn how to unzip a file with Windows.

If you do not have zip file compression software installed on your computer you will need to download a file compression program. See available programs for the PC and for the MAC.

Saving The Forms To Your Computer

  1. Right-click on the link of the form you want to save to your computer.
  2. Choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" on a Macintosh)
  3. In the "Save As" screen, find the directory on your system where you want to store the document. Click on "Save."